5 Health issue That Can Be Addressed by Your Mattress

By | June 21, 2016

Deep sleep is a fundamental part of a healthy way of life. All of us know how challenging it is to be successful through the day when slow or worn out. There is also considerable proof to show that quality sleep can considerably add to the avoidance or treatment of a number of serious illness. Listed below, we’ve described 5 health conditions that can be dealt with by an excellent night’s sleep on a quality mattress– do you deal with any of these?

Allergic reactions and Asthma

Allergens and pollens can get captured in mattress fibers, resulting in asthma attacks and swollen allergic reactions. Some asthma victims are also conscious the artificial fibers used in inexpensive mattresses. Latex mattresses are a best option, as the latex construction does not enable mites, pollens or other allergens to exist.


Sleep is a significant issue for lots of arthritis patients– connected discomfort can postpone going to sleep, avoid deep sleep, and disrupt Rapid Eye Movement. What is more annoying for lots of arthritis victims is that the absence of sleep can in fact enhance joint discomfort and, in the long run, affect bone density and strength. A high quality latex mattress that is handcrafted to match your specific needs can attend to these problems and aid arthritis victims get the quality sleep that they require.

Sleeping disorders

While it prevails to experience sleeplessness in other words periods, long-lasting sleeplessness can have serious, damaging results on health. Research has revealed that numerous long-lasting insomniacs are very conscious their sleeping environment, and factors such as temperature, lighting and comfort will significantly affect their capability to go to sleep. Numerous sleeplessness victims have kept in mind that a modification in mattress– for instance, something hand customized to their body shape– can considerably enhance their sleeping environment and their possibility of conquering sleeping disorders.

Persistent Illness

Quality sleep can significantly reduce the risks of persistent illness, such as stroke, heart problem, anxiety and diabetes. This is another chicken and egg situation– absence of sleep adds to persistent illness, and lots of persistent illness cause disrupted, poor quality sleep. Whether you’re a present patient of persistent illness or taking a look at avoidance methods, it is essential to think about whether your best mattress is helping or impeding g your position.

Weight problems

Sleep deprivation has a direct impact on weight management. People who have a hard time to get a comfy night’s sleep typically have to enhance their calorie consumption throughout the day to keep their energy levels up. A bad sleep will also affect the metabolic system, altering the way food and energy is processed and possibly resulting in weight gain. For numerous, enhancing the quality of their mattress can significantly enhance the quality of sleep, thus bring back balance to the metabolism and warding off long-lasting weight issues.

Having a quality, customized mattress can make a genuine improvement to your life, leading to a happier and much healthier you. Reading mattress reviews for the best latex mattresses is the key to getting a bed that suits your needs. To find out more about the advantages of picking a latex mattress, take a look at our page ‘Why Latex’. Can you afford not to make a change?